Jun 2024
Part 26 of ‘The  History of  Your Parish Church Part 27 of ‘The  History of  Your Parish Church’
Last month we dealt with the tablet on the south wall of the chancel. Opposite to this on the north wall is an identical tablet in design and lettering which was certainly executed by the same craftsman. This tablet carries the following inscription:- “In this place is buried Rebekah who was the Wife of my right hand and joy fortie and foure yeares ten months and one weeke. It’s test (obliterated} Jonath Yates huius eccl: Rect : Sept 22: 1679” Unfortunately the third word of the last paragraph has been deeply scratched out, but a literal translation of this Latin means hat Jonathan Yates witnessed and made this delightful statement about his wife and their 44 years of married life. This Rev Jonathan Yates was rector of Blisworth from 1663 to 1687, and was the incumbent who buried Margaret Blackey who was mentioned last month. Above this tablet is yet another one of a later date, but owing to the paint flaking it is not too easy to read. It carries this inscription:: Near this place lies the body of the Rev Mr Thomas Ward Rector of this parish for 38 years Died the 27 of Nov 1762 in the 79 year of his age. Also Mrs Ann Ward His wife who died the 25 day of Dec 1739 in the 53 year of her age.” In the year that the Rev. Thomas Ward died the register contains nine entries of births and baptisms, five entries of burials, but no mention of marriages. Two of the entries of births give the names of mothers, followed by the words “the father a stranger”.
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